Angela Russell
Frequently asked questions.

Q. How quickly are you able to turn around a project? Can you do projects “rush?”

A. While that depends largely on the scope of the project, I always work hard to turn around my work in a timely manner. However, it’s also important that it’s done well – not just fast – and that takes some time. Rest assured, I make it a point to clarify any deadlines ahead of time with you. If you need a project to be completed over a weekend or evening, it will be subject to a 25% rush fee.

Q. If you’ve never worked for my industry, how can I expect you will be able to write for us?

A. I have successfully worked for companies where I had no previous background in that industry. In my initial meeting with you, I’ll ask you provide me with a number of written materials for my review. In addition, I’ll ask you a few questions up front. I’m a quick learner, and you can expect me to do my homework. Still need more convincing? Read what my clients are saying about me.

Q. Can you provide graphics and layout for my project? How about print and mail my newsletter once you write it?

A. My expertise is writing and that’s where I concentrate my time and efforts. If your project is small enough and doesn’t need anything fancy, I’m happy to provide a basic template or formatting. I do not provide printing, mailing, or other such services. However, tell me up front what you’re looking for. Perhaps I’ll be able to recommend others to provide these services for you.

Q. What if I need revisions?

A. Provided you haven’t changed the direction of the project, I include up to two rounds of revision work in each per-project fee.

Q. What if I decide to substantially change my project or cancel it altogether?

A. Contact me as soon as possible. Most likely, I will need to quote a new project fee to accommodate the new scope. If you want to cancel the project outright, you will be billed a pro-rated amount based on the time worked up until that point.

Q. How do I get you to protect my lyrics, poem, story, idea, etc.?

A. You need someone to copyright, not copywrite. To investigate that process more, start here:



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